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Do Used Cars Have Warranties?

Yes, some used cars do have warranties. You will have to buy a certified used car to be eligible for these warranties or purchase a car that has a portion of the original factory warranty still available.

Certified Used Cars

In order to become a certified used car, a vehicle must meet certain criteria. The first is that it has to be inspected by a dealership. This 100-150 point inspection has to meet the manufacturers requirements. Any issues found during that inspection must be repaired by a factory trained mechanic. The list of inspection points and issues repaired is often available upon request. Once this process is completed, the vehicle qualifies for a factory warranty that extends beyond the one offered when the vehicle was new.

In addition to the inspection, a car must be less than six years old, have fewer 100,000 miles, cannot have aftermarket modifications, and usually has a known dealer service history. Frequently, dealerships will offer a vehicle history report, generally from Carfax.

Take Care

There are dealerships that are offering ”certified” used cars that are not exactly what is advertised. These vehicles may or may not have been inspected. Either way, they are not backed by the manufacturer. In truth, the dealership has only provided an extended warranty. Be sure to ask if you are looking at a factory certified used car.

Even if the used car that you are looking at is not certified, you can protect yourself by taking it to a mechanic that you trust. You may have to pay for an inspection, but that should cost you less than a major repair.