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Should You Report Your Car Accident to Your Insurance Company?

Did you know that the average driver has an insurance claim-worthy accident every ten years? According to Consumer Reports, that’s the case. Also, according to CR, who does know a thing or two about not spending money foolishly, not every fender should be reported to one’s auto insurance company.

CR says that any accident that involves another vehicle needs to be reported to one’s insurer. CR says that it is rare for two private parties to be able to solve accident-related issues on their own. Also, one’s insurance company protects the insured from being victimized by false claims.

If an accident does not involve any other vehicles, property, or people, it is not necessary to report it to one’s insurance company. However, if someone has a long record of safe driving and of being with the same insurance company for many years, there is little danger of a rate increase.

Finally, never report a single-vehicle, no-other party accident if the damage is around what one’s deductible would be. Doing so would end up costing the driver more in the long run.

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