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Should a Used Car Come with Two Keys?

The number of keys that a used car comes with varies. While the majority of cars come with more than one key when they are sold new, the number of keys that a used car comes with depends on who sells it.

Certified Used Cars

Certified used cars must go through a rigorous inspection before they are sold, so you would assume that one would come with the same number of keys that it was sold with new. Unfortunately, that is not so. Each manufacturer has its own policy as to how many keys a certified car must be sold with. For instance, Honda requires that a certified vehicle must have two keys at a minimum, but Toyota only requires one.

Other Used Cars

Buying a used car from a reputable dealership does not automatically mean that you will receive more than one key. Most dealerships will turn over every key that came with the vehicle when they bought it, but few will go to the expense of making additional keys. Private sellers are the same. They will gladly give you every key that they have, but you will be on your own for additional ones.

The only way you can ensure that you will receive multiple fully functioning keys for a used car is to ask. If only one is available, make a second one part of the deal. Plainly state that you will not buy the vehicle if there are not at least two fully functioning keys. The part to be specific about is ”fully functional.” If a key does not have the right computer chip in the fob and has not been ”programmed” to the car, it will open the doors, but not work in the ignition.