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2000-HP Electric Dragster to Break 200-MPH Barrier?

The Swamp Rat 37 is gearing up to break the record of other electric dragsters by 41 mph! A pumped up electric dragster that produces 1,500 kilowatts a.k.a. a smidgen more than 2,000 horsepower. Not even close to its non-electric cousins but non too shabby to say the least. After only achieving a bit over five grand from his failed Kickstarter, “Big Daddy” Don Garlits took two years to get here but this week his time will finally come. This is the same man that has been called the father of drag racing, but can he break the quarter mile run record of 159.85 mph set by Current Eliminator V, driven by Dennis Berube back in 2007? If his past is any sign of it he certainly should stand a good chance of it since he has not one, not ten, not fifteen but seventeen championships under his belt, or rather under his hood. It will be fun to watch him try to hit the 200 mph mark with his newest smokin’ dragster. It must be said that the Buckeye Bullet has already set a vehicle land speed mark well above 200 mph at 307 mph, albeit off dragstrip.

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