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Radar Guns That Can Catch Texting Drivers?

Very similar technology as that used by cable companies to locate damaged cable lines, a new radar gun is “close to production” for use in law enforcement. This radar gun parses through frequencies used by cellular providers to obtain readings when a cellular phone is being used inside of a moving vehicle to receive or send a text messages. This allows police and traffic officers to see when commuters are texting an driving. A company by the name of ComSonics has engineered a radar gun style device which will signal the awaiting officer when a driver is using their phone to text, rather than putting their attention on the road. It will be able to decipher the difference between calls (via Bluetooth), texts, and emails. This way, the driver will only be held accountable for improper use of a phone when it is warranted. This is a brand new idea and will make police and traffic enforcement much more effective in their mission to make the roads we drive much safer.

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