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Don’t Let Your Car Get Hacked!

If your car is a relatively new model, it faces a threat that many car owners know nothing about: hackers.

That’s right, as cars become more computerized and more smart-phone-y they become more and more vulnerable to being taken over by high-tech hackers. Car thieves these days are able to get into cars by using electronic devices to send wireless signals to cars telling them to open just as a car owner’s key fob does. That’s right, an auto burglar can take things from your car without you ever knowing she was there.

The frightening thing about this trend is that getting into your car is just the beginning. Car hackers can also take over your car’s controls. Not too long ago, a pair of researchers funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) hacked into the onboard computers of a Ford Escape SUV and a Toyota Prius were able to disable brakes, brake, steer, and accelerate the vehicles. Talking about this “Maximum Overdrive” threat, security researcher Don Bailey said, “Once you are through that initial barrier, you can and will be able to do almost anything you want to.”

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