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Buyer Beware: Sneaky Dealer Tricks Exposed

Dealer Add-onsIf you follow our blog here at Motive Auto Finance, you know we are big fans of credit unions. Ronda of PrimeWay FCU recently published a great piece on dealer add-ons that we thought we’d share.

When in the market for a new vehicle, or even used for that matter, you have probably visited a dealership and seen the flyers or ‘stickers’ in the vehicles windows. On this is the price, mileage, and other important information, but what you may not know is that the dealer has upped the price of the car by claiming that he has increased the value by installing additional features. While this can certainly be true there are enough cases to make it worth being aware that this can happen.

Extra add-ons can sometimes be things that are not necessary for you and your circumstances, and you would achieve a lower price without them. Be wary of these dealers who are claiming to have added extra mechanical features or repairs when in reality they have not. Even if the dealer is entirely honest about the value of the features he has added don’t let yourself be sold on features you don’t need. It is far more worth is to save several thousand on a commuter car than to pay the extra money for a turbo-charger you won’t even need.

Not surprisingly, Primeway Federal’s blog made our 2014 Credit Union Blog Awards.

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