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MAF Picks: Top 15 Credit Union Blogs of 2014

best-credit-union-blogsIf you follow our blog here at Motive Auto Finance, you know we are BIG credit union fans. In our experience, credit unions often offer better rates and friendlier service than the big banks, and they are often more receptive and welcoming to consumers whose credit needs a little work. However, credit unions are underutilized by the US populace. They have just 6% of total market share, compared to 81% for banks, and the nation’s largest bank has more in total assets than all credit unions combined (source: BECU)

That said, credit union membership and assets are both trending northward, and we would like to do our little part to help. Our team scoured the internet, reading blog after blog, to bring you the Top 15 Credit Union Blogs of 2014. Throw these blogs into your RSS reader, follow them on Twitter, share, and comment. If your credit union made the list, please consider republishing the list on your blog (code provided below)!


These 15 credit unions were chosen from a list of more than 100 credit union blogs. Our judging criteria were based on three main factors:

  • Quality of content
  • Publishing frequency
  • Author authority
  • Form and presentation

We did put special emphasis on credit union blogs that discussed vehicle buying, leasing, and financing–as this is of special interest to our readership. If we missed your blog and you believe it deserves a place on the list, drop us a line and we just might find a space for you ;)  So, without further ado:

The Top 15 Credit Union Blogs of 2014, presented by MAF

Aerospace Federal Credit UnionEl Segundo, CA

Aerospace-FCUAerospace FCU is on top of the blogging game. First of all, they have authors from all over the company, including those from the Member Services Department, Executive Staff, Marketing Department, and more. Not only does this help them maintain an up-tempo publishing schedule, but it brings expertise from all over the company into one place for both existing and prospective members. There are posts on everything from holiday dinner recipes to life philosophies to online coupons to avoidable holiday scams–and so much else! AFCU was founded in 1961 and now has assets in excess of $350 million. Membership is mainly open to employees of The Aerospace Corporation, as well as military and civilian workers based at Los Angeles Air Force Base.

Amplify Credit UnionAustin, TX

Amplify FCU

If you are a data-lover like this author, then you will LOVE Amplify Credit Union’s blog. They have more pie charts, graphs, infographics, and well-researched posts than almost anyone. Many of the posts are related to car-buying, which is of special interest to our readership, of course. Whereas some blogs only pay lip-service to the complexity of issues such as GAP insurance, LTV, and DTI, Amplify tackles these issues head-on, not shying away from the data models so important to a clear understanding of these financial fundamentals. The credit union itself began as the IBM Texas Employees FCU way back in 1967 and has now grown to encompass 43,000 members in Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis and Williamson counties (Texas).

Community First Credit UnionJacksonville, FL

Community First FL

Community First Credit Union has been on a roll blog-wise. How so? They published 15 posts in November, one every other day! Lately they have been delving into the technology realm with posts on various apps and mobile deposit security. They also tackle broader topics, such as helping consumers decide if a credit union is right for them, how to plan for retirement, and how to buy your first home. What’s even better, many of these are explained through custom infographics! Community First CU has been serving the First Coast of Florida for more than 75 years, and with over 100,000 members and $1 billion in assets, is one of the top ten largest credit unions in Florida.

Consumers Credit UnionKalamazoo, MI

Consumers CU

Consumers CU has one of the most well-organized, comprehensive blogs in the credit union space. In fact, to call it merely a blog almost does it injustice, as there are videos, articles, how-to guides, and even podcasts! No wonder they call it the Consumers eLibrary. The scope of information and engagement here is astounding. If you’re buying a car, you might want to check out their Cars section, which has informative articles that tackle such issues as leasing vs buying and new vs used vehicles. There are also member-centric posts outlining offerings such as Skip-a-Payment. Consumers Credit Union has been in business since 1951, and they have averaged a staggering 18% grown for nearly three straight decades! What’s even better, they can boast more than 98% member satisfaction!

Consumers Credit Union – Lake County, IL

Consumers CU

Consumers Credit Union presents potentially boring or bewildering financial topics in entertaining, easy-to-digest posts. One good example is Securing Your Sleigh for Snow, a vital post on preparing one’s vehicle for snow, and Pre-Qualification vs Pre-Approval, an explanation of these terms as they relate to the mortgage process. Each post is authored by one of a varied team of CCU employees. Consumers Credit Union (CCU) has been in business since 1930 and now boasts more than 60,000 members and $600 million in assets.

Educators Credit UnionRacine, WI

Educators CU

Educators Credit Union does a fantastic job of handling that age-old credit union blog balance: how much to focus on existing members versus prospective ones? They offer a wealth of information relevant to any consumer on the planet, from improving your credit and protecting your accounts to saving money during moves and protecting relationships against financial issues. Recently, they launched a video series outlining the five common misconceptions about Educators Credit Union. At the same time, they have posts geared more toward existing members, keeping them abreast of happenings and news. Educators was founded way back in 1937 as the Racine Teachers Credit Union and grown to become a vital part of the local community through a vast assortment of charities and outreach programs.

FORUM Credit UnionIndianapolis, IN


FORUM Credit Union’s blog covers virtually every topic on the financial spectrum, and they update it as frequently as just about anyone in the business, averaging 4-9 posts every month dating all the way back to May of 2011. While some credit unions blogs cater only to existing members, FORUM provides a wealth of information for any consumers, regardless of affiliation. For our readers, the Auto Loans and Buying a Car categories may be the first to peruse. They are a veritable compendium of car-buying information. FORUM Credit Union itself was first founded in 1941, and it now has 12 branches in the Indy area, as well as thousands of shared branches and ATMs nationwide. Not only that, the credit union was voted as one of the best places to work in Indiana in 2014.

Merrimack Valley Federal Credit UnionNorth Andover, MA

Merrimack Valley CU

Merrimack Valley FCU’s blog is updated roughly twice per month by merrimackmom (how can you not like this author?), presenting readers short yet highly digestible and informative posts on a range of topics: car buying, college, small business, community outreach, and more. The post are always well-cited with informational links, and they often begin with an attention-grabbing statistic such as this one: the average US adult consumer will spend more than $750 on gifts this holiday season! Merrimack Valley FCU itself has been in business since 1955, serving members in the Merrimack Valley region of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. You can find out if you’re eligible for membership here.

New Day Credit Union BlogSummit, NJ

Todays Credit Unions

Today’s Credit Unions runs the New Day Credit Union Blog, affiliated with not one single credit unions but dedicated rather to bringing “a new generation of members into the…fold.” In pursuit of that mission, the team covers a wider range of topics than most, including everything from Scam Alerts and the CU Scene to the Economy & You. There is even a Coffee Break category, where you will find such fun seasonal gems as a piece on Santa’s reindeer’s vet. With offices on both the East and West Coast, Today’s Credit Unions (TCU) produces content for credit unions that helps them to engage new and existing customers in new and powerful ways.

Numerica Credit UnionSpokane Valley, WA


Numerica Credit Union not only has some of the coolest-designed branches around, but their blog is a sight/site to behold as well. Each post offers a large featured image, either a photograph or custom design, and the content itself is fresh and informative, presented in a clean minimalistic theme. The author do a great job of balancing financial information and posts with community-centric, seasonal content such as this past fall’s Candy Corn Contest. Numerica itself has been in business for more than three-quarters of a century, now serving more than 100,000 members.

Nutmeg State Federal Credit UnionRocky Hill, CT

Nutmeg State FCU

The Nutmeg State FCU President’s Blog is unique in that it is personally updated by the CEO himself, John Holt. When someone of such stature takes the time to update his own corporate blog, you know you have a special kind of institution on your hands. Holt offers his wisdom, knowledge, and plain old enthusiasm to bear on such topics as digital banking, identity theft, and student loan debt. As you might imagine, this makes for some of the highest-quality content you are like to find in all of the CU blogosphere. Nutmeg State Federal Credit Union (NSFCU), founded way back in 1936, has grown to become one of the largest credit unions in the nation. You can find a branch near you here.

PenFedAlexandria, VA


Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) is one of the nation’s largest credit unions, boasting more than 1.3 million members across the country and the world. So it comes as no surprise that they maintain a top-notch blog, updated nearly daily with posts on such topics as finding the right neighborhood and creating a savings plan you can live with. A sense of pragmatism and non-fluff pervades the blog, no surprise from an institution long dedicated to serving military and government employees. They have branches located throughout the country, as well as in select locations overseas, and offer members the ability to manage their finances online.

Primeway Federal Credit UnionHouston, TX

Primeway FCU

Primeway FCU has one of the most prolific blogs in the credit union blogosphere. For instance, in November 2014 alone, they published 8 posts! These included posts on everything from Safe Holiday Shopping Tips to an examination of How Credit Literate You Are. They also delve deeply into the car-buying process, covering everything from dealer warranties and add-ons to auto loans and leases. Primeway itself has been serving the Houston area under one name or another since 1937, and they now have five branches and more than 160 Select Employer Groups.

United SA Federal Credit UnionSan Antonio, TX


United SA (San Antonio) FCU has one of the hippest, most creative blogs in the credit union blogosphere. For instance, blog-writer Karla published a post in early December about the generational acronym FOMO–“Fear of Missing Out”–citing a survey that found 78% of 18-34 year-olds would prefer to invest in experience as opposed to things. Other current, highly relevant posts tackle social media scams, the realities of contract-less cell phone plans, and “shoulder surfing”–when criminals try to steal, for instance, your password as you use the ATM. You’re already interested, right? The blog was only started back in August, but this is a truly auspicious beginning and we expect great content for years to come. United SA was originally founded in the 50s for employees of USAA, but now accepts most people who live, work, or worship in Bexar County, Texas.

Unitus Community Credit UnionPortland, OR


Unitus CCU may not update their community blog as frequently as some of the other credit unions on this list, but what they lack in quantity they more than make up for in quality. They offer long, well-researched, resource-laden posts written by various employees of the credit union who each bring their own expertise to the table. This means a level of quality that is a clear cut above much of the competition. Unitus itself, based out of Portland, was founded in 1937, making it one of the old credit unions in the state. They can now boast more than 85,000 members, and you can find out more about eligibility requirements for OR/WA residents here.

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