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Does 1 MPG Really Matter? Yes!

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Writers at Gas2 decided to attempt to modify the most popular truck in America, the Ford F-150, to make it more fuel efficient. By simply improving the aerodynamics of the vehicle a little, they were able to better the fuel efficiency of the truck by about 1 mile per gallon. While that may not seem like a lot, based on average miles driven each year and the number of F-150s sold last year, these changes could actually cause US fuel consumption to drop by 22.6 million gallons! This would save American drivers 80 million dollars and keep 222,000 tons of carbon dioxide out of our air. These changes didn’t affect most of the performance features of the tuck, with the exception of lowering the truck which could impact hauling abilities. Still, when all is considered, this is a really big result for only a few small changes to just one vehicle model.

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Technorati Code: QSCAZTHFE45E

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