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Who We Are

Headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina, we have years of experience in the automotive finance industry, helping our clients secure the funding they need for the car or truck they want.

What We Do

Motive Auto Finance provides automotive financial services for consumers across the nation.  We assist applicants interested in both new and used vehicles, and we serve customers from every end of the credit spectrum. The foundation of what we do is twofold:  technology and relationships.  Our secure application platform, coupled with our extensive industry relationships, allows us to get you behind the wheel faster and with less hassle than our competitors.

How it Works

  • Application Submission:  initially, you submit your application information via our fast, convenient secure application.
  • Application Matching:  behind-the-scenes, we match you with one – and only one – dealer or lender (depending on your profile) who is willing to fund your loan.
  • Finance Specialist:  next you will be contacted by a finance specialist from your dealer or lender, who will walk you through every step of the financing process, including interest rate, down payment, lending terms, and more.
  • Dealership Appointment:  you schedule a time to select your vehicle from the dealership with whom you are working.  Even if you have sub-prime credit, you will typically have your pick from a wide range of new and used vehicles.

Once you apply you will be given the login information to our approval center, where you can keep track of your application status.

Contacting us

For contact information, please refer to our contact page.  We do prefer email correspondence whenever possible.