Do All Dealerships Offer Leasing?

The vast majority of new car dealers offer lease programs, but not all. Since used cars cannot usually be leased, few used car exclusive dealership can offer a lease of any type. You may want to consider if leasing a car is a better idea than buying one before you search out a dealership. To […]

What Does WAC Mean When Buying a Car?

When automobile dealerships advertise a low interest, it is always followed with WAC or some very similar term. With that so prominently displayed, many potential borrowers wonder what it means. WAC means ”with approved credit.” It is the legalese way of saying that you may not be approved for the advertised interest rate. Which Buyers […]

What Does POA Mean When Buying a Car?

When you are buying a car you may see many terms mentioned in an ad. One of those terms can be POA, leading many to ask ”what does POA mean?” The two most common definitions of POA are ”price on application” and power of attorney, though power of attorney is uncommon. Price on Application Many […]

What Does OAC Mean When Buying a Car?

When you are looking at advertisements for financing offers, you often see the term OAC. That has led many new buyers to wonder ”what does OAC mean when buying a car?” OAC means ”on approved credit.” It is a sort of warning that not every buyer will be approved for the highlighted interest rate. Who […]

What Does OBO Mean When Buying a Car?

When shopping for a car, you may see a price followed by OBO, especially when looking at cars offered by private sellers. When buying a car, OBO means ”or best offer”, signaling that the seller is willing to negotiate a lower price. A common tactic when selling a car is to price the vehicle at […]

Car Loans for Unemployed College Students – Possible?

It’s tough to get a car loan if you’re in college, and doubly tough if you’re unemployed. The main reason you may have difficulty is that all lenders are bound to ask one simple question:  how are you going to make the monthly payments? Lenders are in the business of making profits, so you can […]

Auto Loans With 570 Credit Score

Getting an auto loan with a 570 credit score can be a little tricky, but it is still possible. Large national banks and many credit unions are out of the question, but you still have several options to explore. Let’s have a look at a few of them and the how much an auto loan […]

Zero Down Car Deals: Are They Worth It?

There is something a bit rewarding about qualifying for a zero down car deal. Zero down deals are reserved for borrowers who have very good credit, so qualifying for one is recognition of the diligence and hard work you have put into your credit history. Unfortunately, taking advantage of that zero down car deal may […]

How Long Does it Take to Finance a Car the Day of Purchase?

The amount of time it takes to finance a car the day you purchase it depends on you. Yep, the major determining factor in whether car financing takes an hour or three days sits squarely in your lap and here is why. Main Factors Affecting Car Financing the Day of the Sale There are two […]

The Basics of GAP Insurance, or Guaranteed Auto Protection

What Does it Cover, What Does it Cost, Do You Need it? Guaranteed Asset (Auto) Protection, or GAP insurance, is becoming more common as the price of vehicles increase and loan terms extend. It is a very simple policy that is often misunderstood or confused with other types of coverage. So, after hearing numerous erroneous […]