Should You Travel with a Baby?

Whether you need to travel for business or pleasure, is it really a good idea to travel with your new baby? As a new parent you have a bigger responsibility to think about than just yourself. Your new baby can not look out for itself and relies on your to take care of their needs. […]

Bad Drivers What? Less Than Half as Many Women Die Driving Than Men

The good news? Cars are getting safer every year. The bad news? It’s men who are causing most of the fatal accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Recent analysis of available estimates shows that twice as many men were killed behind the wheel than women. While this is somewhat mitigated by statistics […]

Auto Finance CEOs: Longer Loans Not a Problem

Recently the 19th Annual Vehicle Finance Conference was held, and one of the topics that came up was the trend toward longer term loans. Many industry observers have assumed that this trend is being driven by the dealerships themselves persuading prospective buyers to opt for longer finance terms in order to afford more expensive vehicles. […]

MAF Picks: Top 15 Car Dealer Blogs of 2014

One way we keep our blog fresh and interesting is by taking inspiration from our peers in the blogosphere. Recently we selected our Top 15 Credit Union Blogs of 2014, an honor that engendered quite a lot of likes and shares and tweets and other digital-world fanfare. Now it’s time we honored the blogs on […]

MAF Picks: The 3 Best Used Car Dealers in Dallas

Dallas, much like any large metropolitan area, has so many used car dealerships that shopping for a car can be frustrating. Each one proclaims to be the best in the city and each one swears that they are on your side. Add to that the different opinions of your friends, family, and co-workers and you […]

MAF Picks: Top 15 Credit Union Blogs of 2014

If you follow our blog here at Motive Auto Finance, you know we are BIG credit union fans. In our experience, credit unions often offer better rates and friendlier service than the big banks, and they are often more receptive and welcoming to consumers whose credit needs a little work. However, credit unions are underutilized […]

Longer-Term Loans Causing Consumers to Purchase Nicer Cars

Automobile dealerships and automakers alike are enjoying a surge of increased sales as a result of 72-month loans becoming more popular. Consumers tend to look at the longer loan terms and better interest rates without taking into account the overall cost of the vehicle. With the false sense of financial security consumers feel when they […]

Radar Guns That Can Catch Texting Drivers?

Very similar technology as that used by cable companies to locate damaged cable lines, a new radar gun is “close to production” for use in law enforcement. This radar gun parses through frequencies used by cellular providers to obtain readings when a cellular phone is being used inside of a moving vehicle to receive or […]

Average Bad Credit (Subprime) Auto Loan Interest Rates

Are you wondering what the average interest rate is for a bad credit car loan? You have come to the right place. Below we have the results from the 2014 Non-Prime Auto Finance Survey, conducted by the National Automotive Finance Association (NAF).  Not only do we have the average interest rates for last year, but […]