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Monterey Credit Union Auto Loans

Monterey CU Auto LoansCustomers looking for an automobile loan might consider financing their loan at Monterey Credit Union. Though the credit union is headquartered in the city of Monterey, membership is open to the residents of the following counties:

  • Monterey
  • Santa Cruz
  • San Benito
  • San Luis Obispo
  • Santa Clara

Members retain their membership status even if they move out of the above-listed counties, and remote banking services are available to serve these customers. When it comes to vehicle financing, Monterey CU has an easy application process and offers a low interest rate. Customers can also receive a discount on their loan when they sign up for automatic and monthly payments.

Monterey CU Auto Loan Application

Monterey Credit Union makes is easy for people to finance their automobile loans. The first step of being approved for a car loan is to fill out a loan application. Financial institutions use the information from loan applications to determine if applicants meet approval requirements. Applicants should be prepared to provide general information such as their legal name and contact information. Financial institutions might request employment history to ensure applicants have reliable income to make payments. The credit union will also run your credit history to ensure applicants are financially responsible.

Loan Consultation

A representative from Monterey Credit Union will explain every part of the loan process to applicants. The applicant should provide their loan representative with the vehicle information, loan amount, and who they plan to purchase the vehicle from. The loan representative will go over the results of the loan application with the applicant. The loan representative will also review the loan terms with the applicant.

Automatic Payments

Customers can receive a discount on their automobile loan when they sign up for automatic payments. An automatic payment is taken out of the loan holder’s bank account for the amount of their monthly payment. A customer is less likely to miss a payment when the amount is automatically taken out of their bank account.

Monthly Payments

Customers are also eligible for a discount on their automobile loan when they sign up for monthly repayments. Monthly payments help customers pay off their loan in a short amount of time. The customer will agree to pay a certain amount of money each month in exchange for a discount on the loan.

Monterey Credit Union is a financial institution that offers automobile loans to qualified applicants. Applicants will need to fill out a loan application to determine if they meet the requirements for the loan. A loan representative will review the loan application with the applicant and inform them of the decision. Customers can receive a discount on their loan when they sign up for monthly or automatic payments. Applicants can call them on the telephone at 831-647-1000 or visit the credit union at the following address:

Monterey CU
501 E. Franklin Street
Monterey, California