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Gateway Financial SolutionsGateway Financial is a leader in the indirect sub-prime auto credit industry. They specialize in purchasing retail installment contracts from franchised and independent dealerships even when the buyer has a credit score as low as 500. Gateway Financial has been servicing clients in the sub-prime industry for more than 18 years and is based in Saginaw, Michigan.

Gateway Financial Solutions – Auto Loans

Gateway Financial auto loans are only available to dealerships. The company will buy retail contracts of any type from affiliated and non-affiliated dealerships from across the United States and will then service the loans. The service provided by Gateway Financial will help your buyers rebuild their credit and offer them a brighter financial future.

While Gateway Financial will purchase loans for buyers with credit scores that range between 500 and 800, they do have set of lending guidelines that a dealer must ensure buyers meet. The first is that the buyer submits to a credit check. Secondly, there can be no recent repossessions or a repossession by Gateway Financial. Additionally, the buyer must offer a cash down payment of ten percent, have a verifiable income in excess of $1,000 per month, and provide proof of full coverage insurance on the car purchased. The minimum guidelines listed may be changed based on a customer’s credit history. All of the information provided must be verifiable, but Gateway can be flexible as to which documents are used during the verification process.

Gateway offers a large selection of dealer partnership programs and is currently looking to expand. You can begin the partnership process by filling out a short online form.

Current Direction

The current focus and direction of Gateway Financial can be summed up in this simple statement:

”We’ve been a leader in the sub-prime finance industry for more than 18 years. We attribute our success to a commitment of service and our ability to provide financing options in the most challenging of circumstances.”

Contact Information

If you are interested in the sub-prime auto loan services offered through Gateway Financial, you can visit their website ( or call customer service at 1-800-500-7092. You can contact Gateway by mail at:

Gateway Financial Solutions
P.O. Box 3257
Saginaw, MI 48605