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Auto Loans in Glendale (AZ)

We come across way too many Glendale consumers who are fearful of being turned down for a car loan on account of their credit. For years, we’ve been establishing relationships with lenders and dealers across Arizona, and we have some of the highest rates of approval in the industry. We put you in touch with a finance specialist who will work tirelessly to get you financed.

Glendale Car Lots for Bad Credit

If you’ve got less-than-perfect credit, generally traditional banking institutions aren’t going to offer you a loan. However, there are dealers that cater to consumers from this demographic. Since you’re a higher-risk borrower, you can expect elevated rates of interest, more substantial down payments, and more exacting repayment conditions. But keep in mind, the rates and terms are much more attractive than you would be offered at a buy here pay here car lot. There are many such dealerships in our network, and they want to get you the car you want. Go here to apply online.

New or Used Car?

We’ve seen that quite a lot of consumers don’t realize they can get a loan for a new or used car. Brand new cars and trucks come with cheaper rates of interest. Then again, they cost considerably more than their late-model equivalents, and additionally they require larger down payments.

New Car Pre-owned Car
Years Old 0 3
Price $29,830 $14,915
Down Payment $5,966 $1,492
Interest Rate 5.00% 7.50%
Duration 5 years 4 years
Payment $450.34 $324.57
Total Interest $3,157 $2,156
Total Spend $32,987 $17,071

Buy Here Pay Here Auto Loans in Glendale, AZ

Perhaps you have thought about heading to a buy here pay here dealer to get approved? Normally, there are more attractive options. Nearly all dealer financing isn’t direct to the consumer, in that dealers work with off-site banks and lenders to offer the loans. By contrast, buy here pay here dealers handle everything on site. They serve as both dealer and lender. Hence the name buy here pay here.

Negatives include excessive lending rates and steeply-priced vehicles and in-person payments If boosting your credit score is important to you, and why wouldn’t it be, you are better off applying through us, seeing as buy here pay here dealerships won’t help you boost your credit.

Guidelines for Buying a Car in Glendale

When you finance a car, at the most, about 10% of the income you earn in an average month should be set aside for your loan payment. On top of this, go with a 60-month repayment term at the very most. If you follow these suggestions, you will wind up purchasing a car which costs approximately half of what you get paid annually (pre-tax). For Glendale residents with incomes of $35,796 per annum, this is $17,898. Please remember, this is the most that you should spend. Plenty of experts advocate ponying up just 10-30% of your income for the next car you buy.

New and Used Cars in Glendale for Sale

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