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Auto Loans in La Mirada (CA)

We understand the challenges faced by car-shoppers in California, particularly those with credit problems. We enable you to find a lending company that will not only approve your credit, but give you the chance to re-establish it. We have established a wide-ranging network of dealers and finance companies who can put you behind the wheel of a new vehicle at a rate that won’t empty your wallet.

What you need to do is apply online, and we will do our very best to match you with a lender or dealer in La Mirada willing to approve you for financing.

La Mirada Car Lots That Approve Bad Credit

If you have damaged credit, many consumer banking institutions aren’t going to work with you. However, there are dealers that finance the sub-prime market. As with all subprime loans, you can expect increased rates of interest and larger down payments, together with tighter repayment terms. With that being said, they will get your loan funded through lenders that submit information to the credit bureaus, offering you the ability to raise your credit score. We have many such dealerships in our network, and when you submit your application, we can match you with one who wants to arrange your loan.

Decreased Car Loan Rates for La Mirada Borrowers

Paying a cheaper rate of interest will pay big dividends. Think about this: you’ll pay $1,412 in total interest on a loan of $15,435 financed for five years at 3.50% APR. At 7.00% APR, you’d pay $2,903, and at 11.00%, $4,701. That’s not all: your payment would rise from $281 to $336.

An increased credit score will lead to lower rates of interest. At Annual Credit Report, you can check your report once each year, free-of-charge, and dispute any errors you find, possibly improving your credit score. Also, paying down any existing debt can decrease your debt-to-income ratio, thereby reducing your rate of interest. A loan of 60 months or less will come with a lower rate than a 6 or 7 year note, you will be at less risk of being under water. Down payments are also important. The less The smaller the percentage of your car or truck you have to finance, the lower your rate of interest will likely be.

Tote The Note Dealers in La Mirada, CA

Have you thought about getting your auto loan through a buy here pay here dealer in La Mirada? These types of La Mirada bad credit car lots don’t depend on banks or investment companies for financing, so they can assist a diverse variety of customers. Many people with really low credit feel that an in house financing car lot is the only real establishment that will finance them. Unfortunately, there are quite a few downsides:

  • Excessive Annual Percentage Rates
  • In-Person Payments
  • High Risk of Repossession

What Car to Buy?

Typically, it’s possible to purchase a higher priced car than is prudent. Have a look at the scenarios that follow, revealing how much car the average La Mirada consumer can afford based on a monthly income of $1,715, a payment of $137, and a repayment term of 5 years.

Prime Credit Fair Credit Subprime Credit
Income $1,715 $1,715 $1,715
Payment Amount $137 $137 $137
Interest Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Money Down $1,885 $1,732 $1,578
Interest Paid $690 $1,303 $1,922
Total with Interest $10,117 $9,964 $9,810
Sticker Price $9,427 $8,661 $7,888

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