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With years of industry experience, we understand the obstacles you face when trying to finance a car with bad credit. We help you to find a lender that finances cars and trucks at reasonable rates of interest, even for people who have credit problems. We’re very pleased to provide access to an unrivaled network of lenders and dealers who can get you behind the wheel of the car or truck you want, no matter your credit score.

Simply complete your loan application. We will connect you with a finance specialist who can help you arrange your loan and choose your car from a dealer in Manteca.

Auto Loan Manteca CA

Manteca Car Dealerships That Work with Bad Credit

If you suffer from less-than-perfect credit, dealer financing is typically your best bet, because most banks won’t be able to accept your application. There are dealers, however, that have finance consultants in-house, waiting to get you approved. Compared to a buy here pay here dealer, such dealers offer:

  • Cheaper interest rates.
  • Less significant down payments.
  • Option to re-establish your credit.

Your credit and income determines how much car you can get financed. With credit problems, the upper limit of what you can borrow is six to eight times your monthly income. For the Manteca resident earning $3,848 a month, this is $23,088 to $30,784. That said, only 10% of your income ($385, in this case) should be earmarked for your car payment, which could very well limit how much you can spend.

A vehicle finance consultant is standing by, waiting to determine how much you can borrow, and at what rate of interest. Go here to submit your application.

Can You Get a Car Loan with No Down Payment?

A down payment, as you probably know, is the money you pay in advance on the day you purchase any vehicle that’s financed. A down payment lessens your loan-to-value ratio (LTV) by lowering the amount borrowed in relation to the vehicle’s book value. This results in a decreased interest rate and less paid in total interest.

While there are no down payment auto loans in Manteca, we generally endorse down payments.

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots in Manteca, CA

Manteca In House Financing

Maybe you’ve thought about getting an auto loan at a buy here pay here dealer in Manteca? These types of Manteca bad credit dealerships don’t rely on banks or outside lenders to fund their loans, so they’re able to help a wide array of customers. For people with terrible credit, Manteca buy here pay here dealerships are sometimes the only option, even though there are a few negatives:

  • High Rates Of Interest
  • Large Down Payments
  • High Risk of Repossession

Cars in Manteca For Your Budget

The car you should purchase, in terms of price, will be based on your income and credit. For the best results, spend less than 8% of your monthly income on your loan payment. For consumers in Manteca, having an average income of $3,848, this is $308.

Great Credit Decent Credit Poor Credit
Income $3,848 $3,848 $3,848
Car Payment $308 $308 $308
APR 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Down Payment $4,230 $3,887 $3,540
Amount Borrowed $16,922 $15,547 $14,158
Interest Paid $1,548 $2,924 $4,312
Total Paid $22,701 $22,357 $22,010
Vehicle Price $21,152 $19,433 $17,698

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