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Auto Loans in Evergreen (CO)

Getting approved for a car loan became a good deal tougher after the economic crisis, but we can help. It’s a good idea to find a dealer or lender that can provide you with the funds you need at a rate that won’t break the bank. We’ve spent years establishing an unparalleled network of dealers and lenders that can help you get in the driver’s seat of the car or truck you want, regardless of what your credit score is.

Go ahead and complete your credit application, and you could be driving home your new car before you know it.

Bad Credit Car Dealerships in Evergreen, CO

You’ll want to try to avoid buy here pay here dealers, opting instead for big franchise dealerships that arrange loans through off-site lenders like banks and finance companies, which have a better reputation for ethical lending practices. Since you’re a higher-risk applicant, you can expect:

  • Rates of interest that are steeper.
  • Down payments that are larger.
  • Payment periods that are shorter.

But keep in mind, they will get your loan funded through banks and finance companies that submit information to the credit bureaus, offering you the ability to re-establish your credit. We work with many of these dealerships, and you can find one ready to accept your funding request by applying online.

Evergreen Car Loan Rates: Reducing Them

If you’d like to minimize the overall cost of your next car or truck, take steps to decrease your rate of interest. This could save you big money over the life of your loan. For example, a car loan of $34,695, financed for 60 months, would cost you the following:

  • 3.50% APR: $3,175 in interest.
  • 7.00% APR: $6,525 in interest.
  • 11.00% APR: $10,566 in interest.

A better credit score will lead to lower interest rates. At, you can check your report once every 12 months, at no cost, and ask the credit bureaus to correct any errors you find, potentially improving your credit score. Also, taking care of any existing debt can bring down your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio, thereby reducing your rate of interest. Financing your vehicle for 60 months or less will result in a lower rate than a repayment term of 72 months or more, and it will reduce the risk of negative equity. Last but not least, a larger down payment will decrease your loan-to-value ratio, otherwise known as your LTV–yet a final way to reduce your rate.

Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in Evergreen, CO

Car lots in Evergreen that approve car loans on-the-lot differ from regular dealerships in certain significant ways:

  • They finance auto loans directly.
  • They don’t require credit checks.
  • They demand weekly or biweekly payments, often in person.

Many men and women with really low credit feel like a buy here pay here car lot is the only establishment that will finance them, even though the cost of your car or truck will be higher due to outrageous interest rates, and it’s unlikely that your FICO rating will go up as you pay back what you owe. This is because these car lots have no relationship with Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.

Which Cars Are Ideal For Evergreen Consumers

Never buy a car that strains your budget. Have a look at these scenarios, displaying how much car the average Evergreen consumer can afford based on a monthly income of $3,855, a payment of $308, and a term length of 60 months.

Great Credit Decent Credit Bad Credit
Payment Amount $308 $308 $308
Loan Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Years 5 5 5
Down Payment $4,238 $3,894 $3,546
Interest Paid $1,551 $2,929 $4,320
Total Paid $22,742 $22,398 $22,050
Car Price $21,191 $19,469 $17,730

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