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Less-than-perfect credit can be a big hindrance when you finance a car, but we’ve refined the process like no one else. It’s crucial that you work with a dealer or lender that can provide you with the funds you need at a rate you can afford. We’re very pleased to provide access to a wide-ranging network of lenders and dealers that want to finance you, even if your credit score isn’t as good as it used to be.

Simply complete your online application, and we’ll find you a dealer or lender in New Castle able to approve you for financing.

Auto Loans New Castle DE

New Castle Car Lots That Finance Bad Credit

When you’ve got a low credit score, generally traditional banking institutions won’t lend to you. Thankfully, there are dealerships that finance credit-challenged consumers. In contrast to buy here pay here dealers, these types of dealerships offer:

  • Interest rates that aren’t extortionate.
  • Down payments you can afford.
  • Vehicles that have fewer maintenance issues.

You may not be eligible to finance the more expensive cars on the lot. Here we have an example based on an income of $1,945 per month, the average in New Castle:

Minimum Credit Score Income Factor Loan
700 10 $19,450
625 9 $17,505
575 8 $15,560
525 7 $13,615
300 6 $11,670

These amounts are by no means guaranteed. You may not be qualified to borrow this much, especially if you haven’t got a very good record with past automobile loans and/or leases. Apply online to speak with a lending specialist about how much you can borrow.

Can You Get a Car Loan with Zero Down?

Even if you have a good credit record, a down payment–or the shortage of one–can keep you from financing your car. Lenders and dealers prefer that you provide a down payment, mainly because it lowers the risk inherent in the loan, so you can expect a decreased interest rate and improved terms.

If your credit isn’t the best, it could be hard to get financed with no down payment, but keep this in mind: trading in an existing vehicle could cover your down payment.

New Castle Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

If you have experienced bankruptcy or repossession, buy here pay here financing may well sound like a good option. Dealers like these will approve just about anyone, no matter their credit, but there are issues. You will find that used vehicles are the only ones available, and these are not no money down cars. Quite often, the down payment matches the vehicle’s wholesale value, and you could wind up paying thousands in finance fees through outrageous rates. There’s more: these dealerships seldom work with the credit reporting agencies, so you could make all of your payments in a timely manner without any boost to your FICO score.

Budgeting Recommendations for New Castle Consumers

Your car payment, what should you spend? All you have to do is estimate 10% of your monthly income–the maximum amount you should commit to this. Take care, though, that you don’t opt for overly prolonged financing, which can lead to:

  • Higher finance charges.
  • Greater APR.
  • Greater risk of negative equity.

Instead, try to pay off your vehicle with the shortest term as possible. If you adhere to these guidelines, you will find yourself purchasing a car or truck that costs roughly half of your annual income. If you make $23,334 per annum, the average in New Castle, this would equate to a $11,670 car or truck. Unlike a home, a car doesn’t appreciate with time, so you want to spend no more than you have to, in order to obtain a car that fits your specific needs.

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