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With so many years of industry experience, we understand the stumbling-blocks faced by car-shopping consumers all over Illinois, particularly those with bad credit. It’s smart to work with a lending company who doesn’t turn away every applicant with bad credit. Regrettably, this is typical of a lot of banks and credit unions. We have developed a wide-ranging network of dealers and lenders who will consider your application, even if you’ve been denied by another bank or lending company.

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Danville Dealerships That Approve Bad Credit

If you suffer from below-average credit, dealer financing is often the only option you have, considering that most all the banks will be unwilling to accept your application. Having said that, there are dealers that want to get you the loan you need. For the most part, these types of dealerships offer:

  • More competitive APR rates.
  • More reasonable down payments.
  • New and pre-owned vehicles.

You may not be able to finance the higher-priced cars in the showroom. With a low credit score, the most you can borrow is 6 to 8 times your monthly income. For residents of Danville earning $2,988 a month, this is $17,928 to $23,904. At the same time, it’s a better idea to borrow less than you can, confining your monthly payment to 10% of your income–$299, in our example. Submit your application to talk to a lending specialist about your options.

No Money Down Car Loans in Danville?

Even if your credit pretty good, a down payment can stand in the way of financing your car. Lenders and dealers want you to supply money down, since doing so will lessen risk of the loan, which means you’ll enjoy a lesser interest rate.

On the other hand, we know that setting aside such a sizeable hunk of cash isn’t that simple. Many folks simply sell their existing car or truck themselves, then use the cash as a down payment.

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots in Danville, IL

Maybe you’ve considered getting approved through a buy here pay here dealer in Danville? These kinds of Danville bad credit car lots don’t depend on banks or other lenders to approve their customers, so they’re able to help a larger array of shoppers. Often folks with really bad credit feel that an in house financing car lot is the only establishment that will be willing to finance them, despite the fact that there are quite a few drawbacks:

  • Excessive Interest Rates
  • In-Person Payments
  • High Risk of Repossession

Financing Guidelines for Danville Residents

Your car payment, what should you spend? Find out how much is 10% of your monthly income, which is the maximum amount you should spend. In addition, finance your new car or truck for not more than 60 months. With a 10% monthly installment and 60 month term, you will be buying a car or truck that costs around half of your annual income. For Danville residents, having incomes of $35,852 a year, the per capita average, this is a vehicle costing $17,928. Bear in mind, this is at the upper end of what you should budget. A lot of authorities advocate expending even less, just 10-30% of your income for a car.

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