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Auto Loans in Springfield (IL)

Setting up your financing upfront is an intelligent strategy, as there are many advantages:

  • A shorter time spent in the finance office.
  • Potential for a more affordable interest rate.
  • Superior bargaining power.

Our market expertise is unrivaled, which means we can help applicants from every end of the credit spectrum. Let us match you with a finance consultant who can help you get the auto loan necessary for the car you desire.

Auto Loan Springfield IL

Bad Credit Car Dealers in Springfield, Illinois

Don’t allow credit to stand in the way of your next car. We work with dealerships in Springfield that want to give you a second shot at financing. In any subprime financing arrangement, you can expect:

  • Interest rates that are more costly.
  • Down payments that are larger.
  • Loans that are smaller.

However, the experience is better than that of a buy here pay here car lot, and your vehicle will almost certainly cost you less in both upfront costs and interest. At Motive Auto Finance, we work with many of these dealerships, and you can get pre-approved by applying online.

Have You Got a Down Payment?

Would you like to purchase your car without a down payment? A down payment decreases investment risk, as a lesser percentage of the vehicle is actually financed. For you, the consumer, a down payment helps you avert negative equity.

We might be able to help you buy a car in Springfield without a cash down payment, particularly if you have a current car or truck to trade in. Contact a vehicle finance professional and review your options.

Buy Here Pay Here Financing in Springfield, IL

Considering BHPH financing because of bad credit? Normally, there are considerably better options. Such car lots provide financing on site, as opposed to traditional dealerships which outsource this, and they will typically finance everyone.

In most cases, preowned vehicles are the only models offered, and you may be asked to pay weekly, at the dealership. Repossession frequently occurs, and the finance fees are extremely high. There’s a good reason that these car dealers don’t have the best reputation. Let us connect you with a reputable dealer who can get you the funds you need, even if your credit is really bad.

How Much You Should Pay for a Car

The car you should opt for, when it comes to price, depends mainly on your income and rate of interest. Have a look at the examples that follow, which show how much car the average Springfield consumer can afford based on a monthly income of $431, a car payment equivalent to 8% of this income, and a term of 5 years–the longest term you should consider.

Exceptional Credit Fair Credit Poor Credit
Monthly Payment $34 $34 $34
Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Term 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years
Down Payment $474 $435 $396
Note Size $1,895 $1,741 $1,586
Total Interest $173 $327 $483
Total Paid $2,543 $2,504 $2,465
Car Price $2,369 $2,177 $1,982

New And Used Cars for Sale in Springfield

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