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Auto Loans in Lawrence (KS)

Arranging your financing ahead of time is an intelligent approach, as the benefits are substantial:

  • Much less time spent on the dealer lot.
  • Potential for a more competitive APR.
  • Improved bargaining power.

We have a vast network of dealers and lenders, and we have specialists standing by, expecting your application. It’s hard to imagine a more convenient way to obtain the financing required for your new car.

Lawrence Car Lots That Work with Bad Credit

You shouldn’t let credit prevent you from buying your next car. We can pair you with dealerships all across Kansas who are willing to compete for your business. Unlike buy here pay here dealers, these types of dealerships offer:

  • Interest rates that aren’t exorbitant.
  • Down payments you can afford.
  • Vehicles that have less mileage.

The dealer will analyze your credit and income to determine the cars you can afford to finance. If you want to steer clear of loan default or repossession, go with a vehicle that won’t stress your finances, having a payment that equates to 10% of your income–at the most. If you earn $2,672 per month, this would be a payment of $267.

Submit your application to have a finance professional confirm how much you can borrow.

Reducing Your Interest Rate

Quite a lot of people are focused on paying the smallest amount possible for the vehicle they’re purchasing, but interest rate is as significant in determining the vehicle’s total cost.

If you don’t think interest rate is important, have a look at the figures that follows.

Good Credit Decent Credit Subprime Credit
Size of Loan $24,048 $24,048 $24,048
APR 3.50% APR 7.00% APR 11.00% APR
Monthly Payment $437 $476 $523
Interest Paid $2,201 $4,523 $7,324

An improved credit score will result in lower interest rates. At this site, you can check your report once annually, at no cost, and dispute any inaccuracies you find, possibly increasing your credit score. Also, it’s a good idea to pay down any debts you can, as lenders prefer applicants with low debt-to-income ratios. Opting for a shorter-term loan will also keep your rate more affordable, and it will also help you combat negative equity. Loan size, as a percentage of vehicle price, is another significant factor. A bigger down payment makes for a better loan-to-value ratio, effective in lowering your interest rate.

Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers in Lawrence, KS

Commonly known as in house financing, your job is your credit, or we tote the note car lots, these establishments ordinarily have a few fundamental features:

  • They finance car loans in house.
  • They do not perform credit checks.
  • They want you to pay them 2-4 times per month, often at the lot.

Many people with really terrible credit feel like a buy here pay here car lot is the only establishment that will finance them, despite the fact that the rates of interest are much higher than you’d get from a dealership that offers indirect financing. Additionally, they don’t usually report payments to the credit bureaus, meaning the borrower’s credit rating won’t go up even if they pay off the loan as agreed.

Getting the Ideal Loan

It’s essential to opt for a car or truck that is reasonable relative to your interest rate and income. This chart shows how much the Lawrence consumer ought to spend based on a monthly income of $2,672, a car payment equivalent to 8% of this income ($214), and a term of 5 years.

Exceptional Credit Okay Credit Poor Credit
Payment $214 $214 $214
Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Money Down $2,938 $2,699 $2,458
Total Interest $1,075 $2,030 $2,994
Total Paid $15,763 $15,524 $15,283
Vehicle Price $14,688 $13,494 $12,289

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