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You’re smart to look for financing in advance, for it often translates to a more affordable APR rate and more advantageous terms. We give you the ability to apply for financing through our nationwide network of dealers and lenders. You will enjoy the convenience of working with a devoted lending expert who can answer the questions you have and arrange your loan.

Auto Loans Shawnee KS

Bad Credit Car Dealers in Shawnee, KS

When you have a bad credit score, dealer financing is generally the only option you have, since the vast majority of banks will be hesitant to work with you. There are dealers, however, that have vehicle finance professionals in-house, waiting to assist you. Any time you have less-than-perfect credit, certain things are to be expected:

  • Rates of interest that are more expensive.
  • Down payments that are more substantial.
  • Loans that are modestly-sized.

On the plus side, it’s better than not having a new car at all, and these dealers can help you re-establish your credit and secure reduced interest rates down the road. We work with many such dealerships, and they want to get you the car you deserve. Just go here to apply online.

Purchasing a Car in Shawnee with Zero Down Payment

Even if your credit is excellent, having no down payment can stand in the way of financing your car. Banks and finance companies prefer that you provide a down payment, as doing so will reduce risk inherent in the loan. For you, this means a more affordable rate of interest and more favorable terms. No money down car deals aren’t a myth, but it’s more common to trade in their existing car or truck in order to satisfy any down payment criteria.

In House Financing Dealerships in Shawnee, KS

Shawnee In House Financing

Commonly called in house financing, your job is your credit, or we tote the note car dealerships, these businesses generally have a few main features:

  • They approve auto loans direct to the consumer.
  • They rarely check your credit.
  • They want you to make payments every week, often in person.

If you’ve got terrible credit, Shawnee in house financing car lots are often the only way to go, despite the fact that there are a number of downsides:

  • High Loan Rates
  • In-Person Payments
  • High Risk of Repossession

Re-establishing Your Credit in Shawnee

It’s a fact: a car loan has the ability to contribute to a better credit score. If you pay your installments on time month after month, you will quickly find yourself developing a good history of debt payment, which is greater than 33% of your credit score. You really can’t fall behind on your payments, as this can have a dramatic effect: a weakened credit score. Most lenders allow you to establish a scheduled payment each month, so the payment is taken directly from your checking account.

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