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Auto Loans in Bowling Green (KY)

Investing in a new car is often a labor-intensive process, so it is imperative that you lock down the lowest interest rate available for your credit. Our company helps consumers in Bowling Green and across Kentucky who would like to get approved online for financing. We match you with a financing professional whose mission it is to get you approved for the car you want.

Bad Credit Car Dealerships in Bowling Green, KY

Don’t allow credit to stop you from buying your next car. We can pair you with dealers all across Kentucky that won’t turned you down for a car loan, simply because your credit isn’t the best. When compared with a BHPH car lot, such dealerships offer a lot better financing. The specific models you can finance will be based on what you earn per month, and how high your credit score is. If you want to reduce the risk of loan default or repossession, find a vehicle that won’t stress your finances, having a payment equal to 10% of your income, if not less. For people who earn $2,457 on a monthly basis, the average among Bowling Green residents, this would be a payment of $246.

A lending specialist will determine how much you’re eligible to borrow, and at what rate of interest. Just go here to submit your application.

Documentation You Will Need

Any time you purchase a vehicle from a dealership, certain paperwork has to be provided, and if you’re suffering from below-average credit, extra documentation may be required. There are seldom lenders that will fund an individual who doesn’t have a current license. Lenders usually want to see no less than two recent paycheck stubs, but more could be called for based on your credit score. Lenders will not finance an uninsured vehicle, meaning proof of insurance is an additional requirement. Lenders also have to verify your address, so they know where the vehicle is being kept. These are common requirements. However, these vary from one lender to the next. Consult a vehicle finance consultant, and they will help you secure your loan.

Buy Here Pay Here Auto Loans in Bowling Green, KY

Most people in Bowling Green head for buy here pay here dealerships, often called tote the note dealers, assuming they will only be able to get approved with no credit check. Not true. These dealers provide funding directly, while conventional dealerships outsource this, and they will typically finance anyone. Drawbacks include:

  • Excessive Interest
  • Massive Down Payments
  • Steeply-Priced Autos
  • Ignition Kill-Switches

There is a reason that these car dealers don’t have the best track record. Let us place you with subprime finance specialist who can get you in the car or truck you need, even if you’ve experienced bankruptcy.

Credit Improvement for Bowling Green Borrowers

If you need another reason to finance a car, you have it: a car loan has other benefits. More than merely helping you afford the car you need, it can transform your credit score. The process of improvement isn’t immediate, but within 6-12 months, your credit score should start to improve. Don’t miss a payment, as this will surely have a dramatic effect: a weakened FICO score. To be sure you don’t miss any payments, consider solutions like auto-payment.

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