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Auto Loans in Hattiesburg (MS)

Has your credit been denied because of problems such as past due bills or bankruptcy? It’s advisable to find a lender or dealer that has your best interests in mind. We work with a vast network of lenders and dealers that cater to a varied assortment of credit scores, not just the uppermost levels.

A vehicle finance specialist can help you:

  • Compare interest rates.
  • Select your lender.
  • Plan a time to purchase your vehicle.

Feel free to apply online for your loan.

Hattiesburg Car Lots for Bad Credit

Nowadays, there are dealerships with finance departments that cater to people who have weak credit. With any subprime loan, expect:

  • Rates of interest that are more costly.
  • Down payments that are bigger.
  • Loan repayment terms that are shorter.

Having said that, keep in mind you are getting not just a car, but also the opportunity to rebuild your credit. There are many such dealers in our network, and they want to get you the car you need. Just go here to apply online.

No Money Down Auto Loans in Hattiesburg

Do you have a down payment saved for your new car? You might need one. If you aren’t able to come up with a down payment, a used vehicle might be a more sensible choice.

New Car Used Car 1 Used Car 2 Used Car 3
Age New 1 year old 2 years old 3 years old
Percentage of Initial Value 100% 75% 60% 50%
Price $8,890 $6,668 $5,334 $4,445
Percentage 20% 10% 10% 10%
Money Down $1,778 $667 $533 $445

While there are no money down car deals in Hattiesburg, we typically encourage down payments, especially for individuals with bad credit.

Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) Dealers in Hattiesburg, MS

Hattiesburg In House Financing

Car lots in Hattiesburg that offer in-house financing differ from traditional dealerships in some significant ways:

  • These dealerships grant auto loans directly.
  • They don’t require credit checks.
  • They want you to pay them 2-4 times per month, often in person.

Often people with really terrible credit think that an in house financing car lot is the only establishment that will be willing to finance them, even though there are quite a few drawbacks:

  • High Annual Percentage Rates
  • High Down Payments
  • High Risk of Repossession

Fortunately, many of the larger, trusted dealers in the Hattiesburg area do work with “sub-prime” consumers–those with credit scores from 620 down into the low 500s. We can help you get approved by just such a dealer when you apply online.

Re-establishing Your Credit in Hattiesburg

If you need one more reason to finance a car, you have it: not only does a car loan help you purchase the car you want, it can strengthen your credit rating. Credit improvement is gradual, but within 6-12 months, you should notice your credit score begin to go up.

Payments made late, on the other hand, can reduce your FICO score, and severely! Some banks and finance companies enable you to establish an automated monthly payment, so the money is subtracted straight from your checking account.

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