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A bad credit score affects 25% of New Mexico consumers. No one knows the challenges of getting a car financed with bad credit like us. Listed here are the secrets to our system

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  • Extensive Consumer Instruction

Auto Loans Farmington New Mexico

Bad Credit Car Dealers in Farmington, NM

Bad credit has been a bigger problem in New Mexico, mainly due to the market downturn, and many dealerships now have finance departments dedicated to subprime auto loans. As with all subprime loans, expect:

  • Much higher APR rates.
  • More money down required.
  • More modest loans.

On the other hand, the experience is far preferable to that of a buy here pay here dealer, and your vehicle will in all probability cost you less in the end. There are many such dealerships in our network, and you can find one willing to get you approved by applying online.

The Best Car Loan Rates for Farmington Consumers

Getting a more affordable rate of interest from your lender can pay big dividends.

In fact, a better interest rate could save you hundreds of dollars, as shown in the chart below.

Good Credit Mid-Range Credit Poor Credit
Loan Amount $20,403 $20,403 $20,403
Interest Rate 3.50% APR 7.00% APR 11.00% APR
Monthly Installment $371 $404 $444
Interest Owed $1,867 $3,837 $6,214

Clearly, the interest rate you’re charged is absolutely critical, and luckily, reducing it isn’t that challenging.

  • Credit Score: Dispute any errors you find on your credit report which could push up the rate of interest at which you can get approved.
  • Down Payment: Larger down payments will in most cases result in more affordable interest rates, because the loan to value ratio is lessened.
  • Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI): Less debt can translate into a decreased interest rate, so it’s a good idea to pay off what you can.
  • Length of Loan: Long-term loans come with lower monthly payments, but shorter ones have lower rates.
  • Vehicle Type: Increased rates are charged for used vehicles, since they are more likely to have maintenance issues.

Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers in Farmington, NM

Dealerships in Farmington that offer on-the-lot financing are distinct from traditional dealerships in some key ways. They…

  1. Supply car loans in-house.
  2. Don’t perform credit checks.
  3. Want you to make your installment payments every week, often at the lot.

Sometimes folks with very bad credit feel like a buy here pay here car lot is the only real place that will accept their credit. But the truth is, the cost of your vehicle will be higher as a result of outrageous loan rates. And if that weren’t enough, it is unlikely that your FICO rating will improve as you pay off the loan. This is because these car lots have no relationship with Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.

Budgeting Guidelines for Farmington Car-Shoppers

Here’s a great rule: no greater than 10% of what you earn on a monthly basis should be devoted to your car payment. In order to prevent equity issues and exorbitant finance fees, go with a loan of not more than 5 years. With this payment and finance term, you will be getting a vehicle costing about 50% of what you earn per year. In Farmington, where the average income is $27,205 annually, the average consumer would purchase a car that costs around $13,602. Don’t forget, this is at the upper end of what you should budget. Scores of professionals advise paying even less, just 10-30% of your income for a car.

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