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Auto Loans in Oregon (OH)

Here at Motive Auto Finance, we understand the obstacles associated with buying a car, particularly if you have credit problems. We allow you to find a dealer or lender who has experience financing buyers with less than perfect credit. We’re very pleased to represent an extensive network of lenders and dealers who can take your finance request online, resulting in a variety of advantages:

  • Rapid approval.
  • Increased negotiating power.
  • Increased self-assurance on the lot.

A vehicle finance professional will help you:

  • Check interest rates.
  • Go over loan terms and conditions.
  • Plan a time to choose your vehicle.

Feel free to apply online for financing.

Auto Loan Oregon OH

Bad Credit Car Dealerships in Oregon, OH

Make sure you try to avoid buy here pay here car dealers, which offer on-the-lot auto loans, choosing instead to deal with more reputable dealerships that work with people with lower credit scores, while offering a better financing experience. Any time you have below-average credit, there are certain things to be expected more expensive rates of interest, heftier down payments, and shorter lending terms. Having said that, it’s far better than being unable to get a car, and these dealers can help you rebuild your credit simply by making your payments on time. We work with many such dealerships, and when you apply online, we pair you with one who wants to accept you for financing.

Is a New Vehicle the Right Choice?

New and used cars each have their own merits. Because new cars drop in value so rapidly, you might get a better deal on a used vehicle.

New Car Used Car
Years Old 0 3
Price $34,280 $17,140
Down Payment $6,856 $1,714
APR 5.00% 6.90%
Term 5 years 4 years
Monthly Payment $517.52 $368.68
Interest Paid $3,627 $2,271
Total Investment $37,907 $19,411

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots in Oregon, OH

Commonly called buy here pay here, tote the note, or your job is your credit car dealers, these establishments generally have a few primary features:

  • These dealers approve auto loans without 3rd party funding.
  • They don’t pull your credit.
  • They require weekly or biweekly payments, often at the lot.

Sometimes people with really terrible credit feel that an in house financing car lot is the only place that will approve their credit, despite the fact that there are a few drawbacks:

  • High Rates Of Interest
  • High Down Payments
  • Inability to Improve Credit Score

Cars in Oregon For Your Budget

Much of the time, it’s possible to purchase a higher priced vehicle than you can really afford. Don’t spend more than 8% of your monthly income on your new payment. If you live in Oregon and earn $3,428 a month, this would be $274.

Good Credit Okay Credit Bad Credit
Monthly Income $3,428 $3,428 $3,428
Monthly Installment $274 $274 $274
Loan Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Money Down $3,769 $3,462 $3,153
Total Interest $1,379 $2,605 $3,841
Price with Interest $20,223 $19,917 $19,608
Purchase Price $18,844 $17,312 $15,766

Zipcode Make Model Minimum Price Maximum Price Condition
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