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Auto Loans in Southampton (PA)

We come across too many Southampton consumers who are worried about being turned down for a car loan on account of problems with their credit. In reality, we help applicants from every credit tier, not just those with incredible credit. We give you the ability to submit your application through our system. We put you in touch with a finance expert whose primary objective it is to get you approved for the car you want.

Bad Credit Car Dealerships in Southampton, PA

Many car lots that provide credit in house, referred to as buy here pay here car lots, don’t pull your credit. That sounds great and all, but chances are they won’t help you increase your credit score. You’ll be happier finding a dealer that offers bad credit car loans in Southampton, Pennsylvania through an off-site lender. Contrary to buy here pay here dealers, these types of dealerships offer:

  • Interest rates that are manageable.
  • Down payments that are reasonable given the vehicle’s value.
  • New vehicles, instead of only pre-owned ones.

Your income and credit will dictate which cars you’re qualified to finance. Ordinarily, when you’ve got credit problems, the most you can borrow is 6 to 8 times the amount you earn per month. For residents of Southampton making $6,807 a month, this is $40,842 to $54,456. Having said that, just 8% of your income ($545) should be allocated to your car payment, which may restrict what you can spend.

An auto lending specialist is standing by, waiting to determine how much you can borrow, and at what APR. Go here to apply online.

Is a Brand New Vehicle a Good Idea?

Both new and pre-owned vehicles can be purchased through Motive Auto Finance. You’re able to finance new cars for longer periods, and at lower rates of interest, but you pay considerably more when it comes to purchase price and down payment.

New Car Pre-owned Car
Age New 3 Years Old
Price $68,070 $34,035
Down Payment $13,614 $3,404
Loan Rate 5.00% 7.50%
Years 5 4
Payment $1,027.65 $740.64
Interest $7,203 $4,919
Total Amount Paid $75,273 $38,954

Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in Southampton, PA

Southampton Buy Here Pay Here

Have you wondered about getting financed at a buy here pay here car lot in Southampton? These Southampton bad credit car lots offer car loans in-house, typically with no a credit check. Given that they don’t depend on a traditional bank or investment company for financing, they’re able to help a wide array of clientele.

For consumers who have horrible credit, Southampton buy here pay here dealers are sometimes the only option, despite the fact that the interest rates are a lot higher than a bank loan. On top of that, they don’t often report payments to the credit bureaus, meaning your credit rating will not improve as a result of the loan.

Choosing a Vehicle

You may find you’re eligible to buy a higher priced car than you really need. Try to avoid spending greater than 8% of your income each month on your car payment. For consumers in Southampton, who have an average income of $6,807, this would be $545.

Good Credit Okay Credit Bad Credit
Payment Amount $545 $545 $545
Loan Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Months 60 60 60
Money Down $7,484 $6,875 $6,261
Amount Borrowed $29,934 $27,501 $25,046
Total Interest $2,739 $5,172 $7,628
Total Investment $40,157 $39,549 $38,935
Purchase Price $37,418 $34,377 $31,307

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