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Auto Loans in College Station (TX)

Getting your credit approved got much more challenging after the economic crisis, but it isn’t impossible. It’s advisable to work with a dealer or lender who really does want your business. We have spent years developing a wide-ranging network of dealers and finance companies who cater to the entire array of credit scores, not just the uppermost echelons. A vehicle finance specialist will allow you to:

  • Check interest rates.
  • Go over repayment periods and down payment requirements.
  • Purchase your new or pre-owned car.

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Car Loans College Station TX

College Station Car Dealerships That Accept Bad Credit

If you have damaged credit, the vast majority of banks aren’t going to approve you for a loan. Thank goodness, there are dealers and specialty lenders that will accommodate sub-prime consumers. In most cases, these dealerships offer:

  • Interest rates that aren’t extortionate.
  • Down payments you can afford.
  • Vehicles that have fewer miles.

You may not meet the criteria to finance the higher-priced cars in the showroom. Ordinarily, if you have bad credit, you can borrow 6 to 8 times the amount you earn on a monthly basis. For residents of College Station making $971 a month, this is $5,826 to $7,768. With that being said, no more than 10% of your income ($97) should be allocated to your car payment, which may limit how much you can spend.

An experienced lending consultant can help you determine how much you can borrow, and at what rate of interest. Just go here to apply online.

Minimizing Your Rate of Interest

Paying a reduced interest rate can pay big dividends. Case in point: a 60 month car loan of $8,739 would cost you $800 at 3.50% APR, $1,644 at 7.00% APR, and $2,661 at 11.00% APR.

A better credit score will result in lower rates of interest. At this site, you can check your report once each year, at zero cost, and challenge any errors you find, potentially giving you a better credit score. Additionally, by paying off any existing debt you will obtain a lower rate of interest. Going with a shorter-term loan will also keep your rate lower, and it will also help fight negative equity. The amount being borrowed, in relation to the cost of the vehicle, is a final factor. A larger down payment will result in an improved ratio, effective in reducing your rate of interest.

Tote The Note Dealers in College Station, TX

Car dealers in College Station that offer on-the-lot financing have certain commonalities:

  • They offer car loans in house.
  • They rarely pull your credit.
  • They want you to make payments every week, often at the lot.

Countless folks with really bad credit feel like a buy here pay here car lot is the only real establishment that will be willing to finance them. However, the rates of interest are more expensive than you’d get from a dealership that offers indirect financing. Also, they rarely report payments to the credit bureaus, meaning your FICO score will not go up even if they pay off the loan on time.

Cars in College Station That Suit Your Budget

It’s imperative that you go with a vehicle that fits your budget. It’s recommended that you spend not more than 8% of your monthly income on your loan payment. For instance, College Station consumers have an average income of $971 each month, and 8% of this is $78.

Exceptional Credit Decent Credit Poor Credit
Payment Amount $78 $78 $78
Loan Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Money Down $1,068 $981 $893
Loan Amount $4,270 $3,923 $3,573
Total Interest $391 $738 $1,088
Total Investment $5,728 $5,642 $5,554
Car Price $5,338 $4,904 $4,466

Zipcode Make Model Minimum Price Maximum Price Condition
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