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Auto Loans in Fairfax (VA)

An automobile is among the largest assets in your life, so it is critical to work with a dealer you can depend on. We do business with a wide network of lenders and dealers, and we have one of the best success rates in the business. We place your application with a credit professional to help you step by step through the process.

Bad Credit Car Dealerships in Fairfax, Virginia

Don’t allow credit to keep you from buying your new car. We can pair you with dealerships in Fairfax who are willing to compete for your business. Any time you have less-than-perfect credit, expect steeper rates of interest, bigger down payments, and smaller loans. Having said that, don’t forget that you’ll be getting not only a car, but also the opportunity to boost your credit score. Here at Motive Auto Finance, we work with many of these dealerships, and when you submit your application, we can connect you with one who wants to put you in the driver’s seat.

Do You Need a Down Payment?

Have you got a down payment saved for your new car? One might be required. When financing a car, you want to pay it off more quickly than it depreciates. If the your new car isn’t worth as much as what’s owed on it, then you’re upside down on it. A down payment gives you a head start against depreciation.

We could possibly get you a car loan with no down payment, but typically a down payment is a good idea.

Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots in Fairfax, VA

Buy here pay here car dealers customarily deal with people who have major credit problems such as:

  • Chapters 7 or 13
  • Home Foreclosure
  • Vehicle Repossession
  • Debt Settlement

Normally, dealer financing isn’t direct to the consumer, in that car dealers go through banks or credit unions to supply the loans, but buy here pay here dealers are the actual loan originator.

Issues include:

  • Outrageous APR Rates
  • Inflated Down Payments
  • Steeply-Priced Cars and Trucks
  • Location Monitoring Devices

That isn’t all: these dealerships very rarely work with the credit agencies, so you could make all of your payments month after month without reviving your FICO score. Fortunately, there are alternatives if you have bad credit. Credit unions are one option, with ones such as Apple FCU headquartered in Fairfax, and we also work with many subprime lenders and dealerships that can get you approved when you apply online.

Revitalizing Your Credit in Fairfax

If you need another excuse to finance a car, here it is: a car loan has other benefits. More than merely helping you buy the car you want, it can raise your credit rating. Taking out and paying off a car loan, on time and as agreed, demonstrates that you are a good person to lend to, which means lower rates of interest and more beneficial terms going forward.

Don’t fall behind on your payments, as this will have the opposite effect: a reduced credit score. To be sure you don’t miss any payments, consider options like auto-payment.

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