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Auto Loans in Marysville (WA)

Getting approved for an auto loan got a lot trickier after the recession, but we can help. It’s important to find a dealer or lender that appreciates the chance to win your business, whatever your credit. We have spent years developing an unparalleled network of lenders and dealers who can get you behind the wheel of a new vehicle at a rate that’s within your budget.

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Car Loan Marysville WA

Bad Credit Car Dealerships in Marysville, Washington

Most car lots that provide credit without third parties, also known as buy here pay here dealers, don’t run your credit. However, most likely they will not be helping you rebuild your credit. Odds are you’ll have a better experience with car dealer that can find you financing through a legitimate lender. Since this is a high-risk loan, certain things are to be expected:

  • Elevated rates of interest.
  • More upfront cash required.
  • Smaller loan amounts.

With that being said, they will get your loan funded through lenders that supply information to the credit agencies, thereby enabling you to rebuild your credit. There are many of these dealerships in our network, and when you apply online, we can match you with one who wants to put you in the driver’s seat.

Buying a Car in Marysville with Zero Down

It’s often necessary to put money down on the vehicle you want, particularly if you have weak credit. A down payment brings down your loan-to-value ratio (LTV) by reducing the size of the loan in relation to the vehicle’s value–thereby resulting in:

  • Lesser annual percentage rate.
  • Less paid in total interest.
  • Fewer problems with negative equity.

If your credit isn’t that good, it might be challenging to get financed with zero money down. Be that as it may, keep this in mind: your trade equity could make a down payment.

Buy Here Pay Here Financing in Marysville, Washington

Buy here pay here dealers would love you to believe that you can’t get financed anyplace but with them, yet this usually isn’t the case. They don’t look at your credit, which means bad credit probably won’t be a hindrance to approval, but you really pay for this in the long term.

In most cases, preowned autos are the only thing available, and these Marysville dealers may make you have an ignition kill-switch mounted in your vehicle. The numbers of vehicles being repossessed are high, as are the interest rates. Even worse, these dealers don’t report back to the credit agencies, and that means you could make all of your payments when they’re due without helping your FICO score.

How Much to Pay for a Car

The lot will be loaded with cars that you are capable of purchasing, but probably shouldn’t. Here’s a good general guideline: spend no more than 8% of your monthly income on this new payment. For a consumer with a monthly income of $4,387, the average in Marysville, this is $351.

Exceptional Credit Decent Credit Poor Credit
Monthly Payment $351 $351 $351
Loan Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Down Payment $4,823 $4,431 $4,035
Borrowed Funds $19,292 $17,724 $16,142
Total Interest $1,765 $3,333 $4,916
Price with Interest $25,881 $25,489 $25,093
Car Price $24,115 $22,155 $20,177

Zipcode Make Model Minimum Price Maximum Price Condition
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